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2016 Affordable Care Act Survey Results

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While uncertainty about the long-term impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) remains, employers are starting to observe and measure the impact of the law in the workplace. When faced with the prospect of providing coverage for employees or paying a fine (the “play or pay” rules), a majority of employers decided to “play.”

This year, respondents reported more comfort with the ACA, including higher levels of confidence in understanding, complying with and administering the law in the workplace. Seventy percent of respondents indicated that they are confident in their compliance with current ACA guidelines. The number of respondents reporting that broker services are very important for ACA education and assistance remained high, with many relying directly on their brokers to provide these essential services. This percentage would likely increase should there be additional changes to the law.

The 2016 Affordable Care Survey was conducted in early 2016 and a total of 930 respondents completed the survey.

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