Oil and Gas Insurance

The Hartman Group has extensive experience serving the needs of businesses in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Please contact Ed Pawlak, MBA, out of our Williamsport office for free quotes pertaining to business conducted within the Marcellus Shale Region.  Ed can be reached at (570) 326-7241 or

We have programs that will accomodate the following types of insureds within the O&G business:

  • Contract pumpers
  • Dozer operators
  • Drilling consultants
  • Drilling contractors
  • Drilling fluids spreaders
  • Equipment rental
  • Flowback testers
  • Geophysical services


  • Hot shot operations
  • Manufacturing and wholesale/retail firms
  • Oil Lease Operators
  • Oil field electricians
  • Service contractors
  • Perforators
  • Roustabouts
  • Pipeline contractors
  • Shot hole drillers
  • Fresh / brine water haulers
  • Salt water disposal wells
  • Vacuum Truck Operations
  • Well Casing contractors
  • Well loggers
  • Welders
  • Work-overs

Thank you for your business and your referrals!