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Medicare Help from People You Know and Trust


For most, deciding on how to receive your Medicare benefits is a daunting and overwhelming task. And then you’re still not finished! You still need to determine what plan you want and whether or not it is even available in your area. Because these decisions be so important and long-lasting, most Medicare eligible people seek the help of a trusted advisor.

For some, that could mean a family member. For others, that could mean a local advisor or insurance agent. Unless your family member is a Medicare Specialist, the advice they give could be outdated, misunderstood, or just wrong. A better choice may be to seek the help of a local advisor or agent. The truth of the matter? It’s not easy finding someone local with the knowledge, integrity and access to the things needed to best help seniors through the Medicare process.

Most agents and brokers offering Medicare help, specialize in Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare Supplement plans, not both. This means, if you truly want to learn your options and understand what would work best for your situation, you’ll need to talk to at least two different people to get the information you need. Another thing to consider is most local agents and brokers offer many different lines of insurance and don’t focus on one in particular. This means they may have limited time to understand the products or limited time to help you understand the products. These issues can mean you will need to invest a large amount of time and effort into understanding and choosing a plan that best fits your health and lifestyle.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a trusted, local company with dedicated resources to help seniors understand and navigate the vast world of Medicare? You’re in luck! The Hartman Group is now offering help to seniors trying to understand their options for Medicare.

The Hartman Group has access to all of the popular plans, both Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement, available throughout Western, Central and North-Eastern Pennsylvania. The Hartman Group also has dedicated staff ready to help you or your loved ones evaluate the Medicare options available to them.

For further information or to schedule an appointment, please call our State College office at (814) 231-0100 or email Kyle Kunes at