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Do you have the qualities to become a Hartman employee?

At the Hartman Group we are always looking for talented, career-motivated individuals with a commitment to knowledge, service and relationships.

Responsible for coordinating renewal of property and casualty insurance programs, gathering relevant data, developing  cost and coverage comparisons, facilitating solutions to claims and billings issues and coordinating process for surety bonds.

The ability to interact with other team members of the agency is essential. The successful candidate will also possess the ability to review insurance contracts, identify additional exposures and recommend coverage is expected in this position. Continual interaction with the assigned producer is a key component to the success of the team. In addition, this individual will work with all members of the agency to produce new business, retain existing business and promote additional lines of coverage.

Focus area


How this contributes…

Customer Service Provide customer service to existing commercial lines clients and support coordination of new business efforts. The tasks involved with this position will grow as your knowledge and capabilities grow. Provides carriers and clients with options critical to their business
Customer Service Administrative-coordinate process for effective policy renewal terms for existing and new customers. We manage rather than react and develop terms to support clients’ businesses.
Customer Service Administrative-reactive service-create customer satisfaction by directly handling issues to conclusion, such as certificate issues, billing issues or others as designated by producers. Direct and simple and to full conclusion from perspective of client. Direct and pleasant resolution of issues on behalf of customers.
  1. Support responsibilities for consultants
  2. Handle telephone calls
  3. Print & distribute invoices for commercial & personal lines
  4. Prepare Files for dated information
  5. Manage file system (electronic and physical)
  6. Certificates / Statements
  7. Renewal comparisons of exposure bases and rates
Provides support to co-workers, enabling increased focus on direct work with clients
Claims Develop understanding of the work process and customer outcomes for claims and assume lead responsibilities for initial reporting, follow-up and communication for claims. This will also involve developing an efficient system for tracking and sharing information on claims. Organizes and coordinates our work towards making a difference for clients at the time when they NEED our industry to execute on their behalf.
Bonds Develop understanding of the work process and customer outcomes in bond area, and assume lead customer service responsibilities for all bonding. Organizes and coordinates work in a specialty area.
Applied EPIC Become the lead person for improving utility of applied system. Enables efficiency and improved management of information.
Overall assistant Initiate….coordinate…learn….develop Improve our operation and improve your capacity to contribute.
General Handle general work consistent with teamwork within a small office setting….if you are able to do it and it needs to get done, you do it….if you are unable to do it and it needs to get done, you learn it. Other duties as seen fit by agency principals. Keep the work moving…keep the customers very happy.


  • A bachelor’s degree is preferred along with insurance agency or company experience.
  • Maintenance of a Property & Casualty Agent’s license in Pennsylvania.
  • License must be obtained for this position.
  • Proficient computer skills utilizing Microsoft Word and Excel software are required.
  • Participate in self-study program and developmental program mutually developed with key learning areas.

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